Cheating Alex

Me: Why’s my door closed? What’s those sounds?

Alex: Oh god, that’s it right there….

Eliphas and Alex: (indecipherable)

Me: What the fuck is goin’ on here?!

Eliphas: Who is that annoying creature?

Alex: Keep going, maybe he’ll go away…

Me: It’s my bed you’re soiling…Alex, what are you doing?

Eliphas: If you want, I can draw you a diagram you cockblocking jerk!

Alex: Oh, god. This sucks.

Alex: What does it look like I’m doing? What do you care?

Me: What about Ginny?

Alex: Who?

Me: You know who, your girlfriend?

Alex: I don’t see her around here. Last I heard she went to some day spa for a week. She’ll be back, I’ll let her know that you’re looking for her.

Me: You know what I mean!

Eliphas: Ugh, this is such a turn off…

Alex: I can have fun on the side when she’s not here. At least I thought I could until you came around.

Me: Who is this guy?

Alex: I met him through Tinder. What’s the problem?

Me: You brought some guy you met on Tinder into my house? And you know, Ginny would be heartbroken.

Alex: Ginny won’t be heartbroken because she won’t know. Jesus, are we in an episode of Father Knows Best? Is this the Fifties? Mind your own business!

Me: Dude, what are you doing in those drawers?

Eliphas: I’m looking for some clothes, what does it look like? (To Alex) He really is quite dense isn’t he?

Alex: You don’t know the half of it.

Alex: Hey DH, since you’re here, you wanna have a threesome?

Me: Ugh! (Slams door.)

Me:  Fucking dolls.

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Here’s some portraits of a few of my favorite things.

Ginny – currently she’s Alex’s latest plaything, cute, innocent and naive.

Alex and Ginny

Claudine – She’s inward, keeps things to herself, though part of this is her life on the lam with Gavrila, her vampire lover. Sometimes she hangs out with Alex when Gavrila is in her coffin.

The Bite
Bad Girls

Sybille – She’s an alchemist. Her sister Lyonnette was a vampire and Sybille constantly insulted her about that fact. When her sister uhhh, moved to the UK, Sybille was bitten and became a vampire herself.

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Blush Examples

Here we go these are examples. I want something simple like on Evangeline, but I want the nipples to be more realistic like Alex. Not looking for veining of heavy blushing. I would like painted nails, both hands and feet.

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Alex gets new clothes


New clothes from SartoriaJ.




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Alex Posing

Someone on DoA asked me: Does the (original) Ausley body have any side-to-side movement in the torso? I know she can lean forward pretty well, but I have never seen anyone demonstrate any leaning left or right with this torso.
Also: can she put her knees close-ish to her chest?

As the Byrds sand, Turn, Turn, Turn…



She can pull her leg up this high and keep in the ball joint. The knee can go back a little further….


Her knees can go further but the ball leaves the socket. It looks fine when she has clothes on.


She can hunker forward if you really wanted to have her knees to her chest, but again, it depend on what you expect from that ball in the socket there.

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Happy New Year!


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If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now

So I’ve been detailing the build of my dolly crypt on my tumblr blog I store my girls in boxes and it’s getting closer to finished. I’d been making coffins but those are space hogs and hard to store. I do have dolls living in coffins but if a coffin is like a house then the crypt was like a condo. I had to make some tough choices about who gets to live there and especially, who gets to live on the top floor. The first cut was that I decided that Alex wasn’t going to move in. I prefer her in my room with me and her crew of murderous Minifees will eventually live on the bookshelf in my room. Also Alex and her crew don’t live in the same time period that all my other dolls live in. So they have a separate story.


There are other two other Minifees who eventually will be coming home from their trip to enlightenment and customization and there will be two more after that. So Alex’s droogies will be together in my room since they live in modern times. Unlike the rest of my dolls that live in the castle of Gilles Des Rais in medieval France. The crypt itself was expansion because all the coffins were full. So the first three rows were taken by Belladonna (Notdoll Belladonna), Helene (Peaks Woods Rosemii) and Claudine (Peaks Woods Kisha). Here’s a little internal peek inside:


For the foot fetishist. And here’s the plates I made from recent photo sessions cutting out little Polaroids. I need to find three more of those plates…..


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The Crypt


Alex: So how does this thing work?


Alex: Suddenly I see why you call that tumblr blog “I store my girls in boxes“!


Alex: You’re a kinky man Dollhausen! I like it!


Alex: Umm….hey DH! Do you hear me? Are you gonna let me out? Hmm….it’s kinda sexy being locked away like this……

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Printing the Gals

My enlarger, easel, processor and a recent print…..



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New Photoshoot Peak’s Woods Arrival

My new gals arrived and here’s a little behind the scenes vignette from a photo-shoot I was doing with all my PW gals. Sure the photographs are all swirly and glamorous (see Sander Doll ) but back stage is a little more relaxed:


Gavrila: Yet another test shot?
Me: Just two minutes for a Polaroid to test exposure….
Gavrila: So basically you’re chimping?
Me: No, well, it’s proofing…It’s…well, shut up and sit still.


Claudine: While we’re waiting would be be a dear and rub my feet? All that standing was making me tired….
Me: Sure thing Claudine!


Gavrila: That wasn’t so bad. Is one of these coffins mine? What happened to that crate with my Romanian soil?
Me: That’s….coming….soon…..


Me: Annalisa, that’s great! What no smile?
Annalisa: Dicis mihi etiam hac vice et viscera cernit! (You say that one more time and I’ll feast on your entrails!)
Me: Ummm, no idea what you’re saying but I’ll assume we’re going for moody here….


Cassandra: Since you spend a lot of time around Gilles, what’s he really like? Is he as evil as they say?
Annalisa: Aut malum non sit conceptus tuos Egidii aut mihi. (Your concept of evil has no meaning to either Gilles or myself).
Cassandra: Apologies, it slipped my mind that you speak no English. I’ll take your answer to mean, “yes”.


Claudine: God, it was only a foot rub!
Gavrila: Hey, Dollhausen, keep your hands to yourself. This is a photo-shoot remember? Not a porno movie!
Me: But she….but I didn’t…..
Claudine: Why do you have to be so jealous!? I hate it when you’re like this…..

Well, perhaps relaxed isn’t the right word…..but, you get the picture….

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