Waiting for Dolly…

In anticipation of dolly’s arrival I have started building this coffin for her to sleep in. My little goth princess wants her coffin. I’m going to cover it in black leather and the interior will be lavendar and black. To protect her precious resin I’ll be providing 1000 thread count white sheets. I’m looking at some hardware to gussy up the coffin, handles and corner. Probably overly ornate (and oversized) but the look I’m going for is gothic romantic. I’m also building a wardrobe for her clothing. This will be two pieces of furniture, one to hang her dresses and another to store wigs, shoes, stockings and other unmentionables. I’m looking at getting some nice wallpaper for the interior of the furniture or possibly the walls around her since I’m thinking of creating some drywall moveable walls. So much planning and work……

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