Ooohh, Black Diamond….err I mean Leather….

I just came back from Macpherson Leather where I purchased a black leather hide (30 yds) for my coffin. Ugh, that was heavy. It was a long walk in today’s temperature. I also got some glue and some conical studs. Because of the shape of the hide I obviously will be having to cut pieces to mount to the outer edges.

For the interior I ended up getting a satin-y mauve(Lavender?) material, some batting and some fabric glue. I’m going to start measuring for the cardboard pieces as suggested by one of the members on the Resin+ forum.

My goal is to measure and perhaps cut the pieces of leather today for the exterior. I’ll be trying to get the exterior finished this week. Then the interior next weekend. One of the good things about the long doll wait is the amount of time I have to prepare things. I would feel bad if she arrived and all I had to offer was good intentions….

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