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Give me what you got baby!

A couple cell phone snaps from tonight’s photo session. When I get the film back and scanned I’ll put those images up which will be nicer than these horrid Blackberry cell phone snaps. How RIM is still in business when … Continue reading

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Prop #1

Here’s what I’m using to prop the lid of Celine’s coffin open. I hemmed and hawed over various solutions until I struck upon this one. As usual there were missteps, badly cut leather, cursing and recriminations but finally I triumphed.

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Death Launch – The Funereal Condo is complete

Well, I’m finally done. The only part I’m waiting on is the bed which has been outsourced to someone with sewing skills. Actually I’ve used two people to assist with that. One friend finished the rosette lid interior this weekend … Continue reading

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Hell, come by halloween….

Well, neither hell on earth nor the zombie apocalypse happened. However, my coffin hardware arrived. I got a coffin handle but can’t figure out whether to mount it for functionality sideways:   But it looks better this way, across,  though that … Continue reading

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