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Colette Comes Home!

Colette flew in from Thailand today. Unfortunately her outfit doesn’t work with her hands so here’s her Godiva moment. I found a slip of Celine’s that she could borrow for the time being. Then my three girls got together to … Continue reading

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But not forgotten

Didn’t want to leave Celine out from the blog posts. Here’s a couple of her so she doesn’t think I’ve been forgetting about her with all the activity around new dolls.

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Like the pine trees lining the winding road….she’s got a name….

Funny how just having my Cerisedolls head hadn’t really felt like she had a name. Well, I got a knock on the door this morning and the mailman came by with a package, a body I bought from the DoA … Continue reading

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Nibelungen and the Occult

I’ve been thinking about how I want Ada to look. She’s a Nibelung, a race of dwarfs who guard a huge hoard of gold. There’s various Germanic and Norse tales around the hoard of the Nibelungen. I borrow freely from … Continue reading

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The Crew at Home

My Cerisedolls Ombre is looking forward to the body that will be winging it’s way to her from France next week. And my newest, DC Ada, is going to get mailed out east for some faceup action next week to … Continue reading

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