What Do We Want?

This is from one of those “question” threads on DoA. Figured I’d share outside of the one place I can guarantee it won’t get read. The person must be rich because they seem concerned that the pace of LE dolls is slowing down. Whatever. 

What would you do if your favorite companies slowed down, or even stopped producing some of the dolls you love?

Actually my New Years Resolution was to not buy from companies that are trucking out a constant stream of LE’s or that have events or make it complicated to buy their dolls. So no Iplehouse, Volks, Soom, etc. I’ve started looking at smaller companies that are doing more stylized things and looking at whether or not I can buy parts, heads or bodies. My life doesn’t completely revolve around dolls so I don’t have time for complicated “all or nothing do it now!” nonsense and I definitely see the stress it puts on many people here. Your question here is really two since slowed down is referring to new stuff and the second part is not producing dolls you love. I would be unhappy if say Fairyland quit producing Chloe but until they get the Feeple 60 line back together for my SD ways they pretty much have.

If they did stop, would you still enjoy the hobby as a whole or would you stop collecting bjds too?

All these questions seem to revolve around some sort of obsession with the big companies but the truth is that if all the biggies went under there would still be plenty to buy from the smaller companies and from the auteurs like Lillycat, Twigling, Simply Divine etc etc. If you absolutely needed something older you can often find stuff on the MP so that’s not going anywhere. If your concept of the hobby revolves completely around collecting for the sake of collecting without any interest in what I consider the values of the community (dolls as imaginative objects we interact with, creative crafts like sewing and painting, characters stories, writing, cosplay, etc etc) then perhaps those people would become less interested without the possible increase in resale value of a Dolfie Dream or a Soom Whatever. But if you are interested in those values than I see absolutely no reason why a constant stream of LE’s would lessen the enjoyment of the dolls you have and the dolls that will always be available from someone.

What is your favorite kind of thing to see from some of the more popular bjd companies, and why?

I mention the auteurs and there are others and there are the off-topic dolls made as small editions that might not conform to DoA standards, so many anthro’s out there in that area. In the mainstream I think Doll Chateau is doing a great job keeping things interesting and they let you buy a body and a head separately, they actually support your creativity to hybrid as opposed to companies like Iplehouse that keep you locked up in their system. As Devo once sang, I want Freedom of Choice! Not some lame lottery or complicated spider web to negotiate. I want the time to think about it and not be forced by time constraints. More and more I’m thinking about whether a company is working with me and trying to spend my money with those that are a partner and not dictating what I should want. As a result a lot of the bigger companies are less and less interesting to me. I love the faceup artists, the etsy clothiers, those selling on DoA or wherever with this thing and that to basically be my companion in imaginative play, whether it’s a cloak, dress, a hat or a vorpal blade. That action is getting more interesting to me than yet another massive fullset that costs $1500. I think part of that thought process for myself is now that I’ve gotten a few dolls I start to notice that I can either chase more dolls or start doing things with the ones I have. Why are they here? What do I get out of this? Like most things in consumer capitalism it gets easy to focus on stockpiling possessions without really taking into account what we have them for. And I’ve got a list of doll wants that I whittle down then I think “just this one more”. But really, I don’t need it. I need to spend more time in front of a camera or building a set than surfing new stuff on the web or DoA.

In the end what I want is more imagination both from the companies and from myself.

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