Alexis: The Transformation

Alex is the leader of the Knights Templar Hit Squad. She’s led a hard life and her body is the map of this. When she was in her teens she used a lot of drugs and has the track marks to show for it. She often cut herself. She became a killer for hire. She tattooed Fuck to show her belief in the lie of romance, her belief that human relations are weighed in use value and actions were currency aligned with other agendas.

After some years she was found by the Knights Templar and they indoctrinated her into a different life style. Their cross was tattooed over her heart and their Masonic Eagle into her back. Since the original order was betrayed by the Church and French Royalty and hunted out of existence, the new hidden Order was more existential and in the service of the power of chaos. Thou do what thou wilt is the whole of the law. Alex put together her own group, the Murderous Minifee Hit Squad, a band of droogies in the service of ultra-violence. In a world of cutesy Minifee clones they’ve became the anti-Fairys, a null value to the conformist ways of their kind. Their heritage also allows them access, most Minifees are vapid brain dead templates for patriarchal oppression and as a result they’re seen everywhere. No one suspects a Minifee to deliver a crow bar to the noggin, hard boots kicking as spirit flees flesh. Alex lines up the jobs and her crew executes the work. Executes with extreme prejudice.


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