The Love Story of Alex and Varla

Varla  is my Minifee Mirwen, yet to be painted. She is Alex’s lover (yes breaking DoA protocol with SD’s and MSD’s having intimate relations.) I want Varla to be dark. She’s got scars as you’re about to read. Lots of ’em and and she’s been branded, like cattle. She’s got a permanent black eye. She wears black mascara and a deep maroon, not bright lipstick. This is the story of how she and Alex met and came to be.

The Love Story of Alex and Varla

Varla was in a biker gang and married to Billy Wayne when they ran into Alex in a bar called the Double Deuce. Alex was a loner, though a fixture around the town. A beautiful but scary looking woman, rumors swirled around her but no one was sure who she was, though some theorized she did clean up work for guys they never heard of. She was one of the few in this town tough enough to live without a gang and it’s said that even the Cartel guys left her alone or perhaps hired her. That in itself gave her mystique. Alex was playing pool in the back of the crowded bar with a couple of guys from Billy Wayne’s gang when Varla and Billy Wayne came in that night. Pretty soon he gets in on the game and at first it’s for the table, or a beer but he decides to up the ante. He whispers to Varla, “That Alex always seems to have money, I  can smell it, and she isn’t playing that good. “I don’t know Billy, perhaps just play for beers,”  Varla is worried because she knows that Billy Wayne isn’t that good either. He gets Alex to lay down fifty bucks, then a hundred and soon he’s running the table and the stakes are getting higher. He’s taking Alex’s cash and Varla is impressed, he is doing well. When the betting gets up over a thousand dollars suddenly things aren’t going his way and now Alex is running the table, game after game. As she gathers up the last of his cash, Billy Wayne slams another Jim Beam and calls her out, “Hey bitch, you hustlin’ me? You don’t get to walk away. You gotta give me a chance to win my fucking money back!” Varla tries to coax him away, “Honey, it’s just a few dollars, let it go.” She knows enough to not want to start any shit. Alex glances over, with a bemused expression on her face, “Well, you were looking tapped out partner, what else you got on you that might interest me?”  “I got my Harley, I’ll put that up against all the cash you got on you, one game, 9 ball and I break.” She laughs and agrees.

Billy Wayne breaks the balls and starts sinking them one after another,  in order even, to show off. Six go down easily. Then the 7 ball catches the lip of the pocket and spins out. Alex chalks up her cue and bounces the 7 across the table where it strikes the 8 which sinks in the corner pocket while the 7 caroms into the opposite corner pocket. Nothing left but the 9 and with a little back spin she pockets it easily and the cue ball spins back into the center of the table. Billy Wayne turns red and spits out “You cheated you bitch, I ain’t payin’ no fucking way.” He walks away through the crowd of his gang. They’re laughing that he lost but are covering his retreat. “Tough break Billy but we got yer back…” a couple of them chime in.

Varla bites her lip and runs through the crowd to catch up then she hears it behind her, what sounds like coughing, almost like a motorcycle starting up and she turns around. Alex has swatted through the three nearest bikers, who are on the floor coughing and clutching their stomachs. “Give me those fucking keys.” Alex’s voice is calm but to Varla the words sound like ice and then so fast she hardly has time to realize it Alex strides past her and puts her hand on Billy Wayne’s coat. He whirls with a pool cue to strike her across the face but she’s faster and the cue breaks across her forearm. She catches Billy Wayne with a right hook that sends him onto the pool table. One of the bikers grabs Alex in a bear hug and she flips him over onto the nearest table, and his head and back make a cracking sound. Billy Wayne throws some punches but after taking one or two he’s dizzy and Alex is slapping him back and forth and punching him in the stomach. In desperation he tries to land a kick between her legs which she blocks and grabbing his leg, twists jerking his knee around and he screams. A few more punches to the ribs and he’s coughing up blood and dropping to the floor. “Give me those fucking keys” sounding more calm then the violence she was delivering. “Fuck you!” he looks up and spits blood at her face and grabbing a nearby beer bottle swings wildly. She dodges this easily and she delivers a karate chop to the mouth and he spits a tooth out to the floor. Varla jumps on Alex screaming. “You fucking cunt! Leave him alone!” But she’s tossed like a rag doll across the room into some barstools. Varla jumps up and grabs a cue stick and smashes it across Alex’s head, who looks more perturbed than angry and she turns her attentions to punching Varla, who goes down. Alex picks her up and slaps her first one way then the other and flings her overhead onto one of the tables, breaking the Coors lamp over it and glass shatters everywhere as Varla hits the table, hard. The wind goes out of her. Whirling around Alex delivers another kick to Billy Wayne stomach and he throws up on the floor. Varla staggers up from the table but can barely stand, she takes a puny swing and Alex laughs and swats her hard with the back of her hand and the blow sends send Varla flying. The bar patrons are standing back in state of shock, it’s been 60 maybe 90 seconds since this started and Alex hasn’t broken a sweat and five people are down. The other gang members are talking amongst themselves but stand back and give her room.

“Did you guys hear this loser offer up his Harley in a game of pool?” as Alex takes his keys and holds them up. Various voices mumbled that he did. The bartender said, “Alex won fair and square and those keys are hers. We’re done with shit tonight. Everybody stand down!” He held a double-barreled shotgun.  Billy Wayne sat up wiping blood from his mouth, “That bike means everything to me. I’ll give you something else, I’ll give you my old lady…please take her, just please don’t take my Harley…” He pulls the silver wedding band off his finger and thrusts it at Alex. She holds it up to the light. It has skulls engraved around the outer edge and Varla’s name on the inside.  Alex was amused by this, that he would rather give up the women who’d nearly died trying to protect him than his bike. “She looked over at Varla, who was trying unsteadily to get to her knees. Her face was red, she couldn’t believe that her lover, the man who’s waist she encircled with affection through thick and thin as they rode his Harley through the night could be doing this to her. Alex tossed Billy Wayne his keys and picked up the scrawny leather-jacketed bloody heap and carried her back to her bike.

The patrons of the bar erupted in howls of laughter and slapped him on the back. Billy Wayne shrugged because he knew that while they might laugh, they respected him more for choosing his Harley over some dumb chick. They picked him up off the ground and brought over more Jim Beam and a cloth to clean himself up. He passed out and that made four so they threw them all in the back of a pickup truck and hauled them down to the ER.

As they got to the bike Varla begged, “Let me go!” but Alex showed her the ring that Billy Wayne had given her, his own wedding ring and told her “You’re mine now…Varla!” reading her name from inside the ring. A few bikers hanging around outside told her, “Remember the code you dumb bitch, your old man owns you and now you’re someone else’s property. “Tossed out like trash” she thought. Deep inside she knew that she was worth less than that bike but her heart ached from the betrayal and she was angry at this bitch who’d destroyed her life. Just because she was property didn’t mean she had to take it and like it, she jumped at Alex’s face and clawed at her eyes, “I’ll kill you cunt!” but Alex swatted her to the ground and delivered a few kicks to the stomach, “That outta gentle you down some!” Varla could hardly breathe and felt herself being dragged to the bike. Alex picked her up and settled her on the seat in front of her. As Alex drove away she kept her left arm around Varla’s waist her hand snaking up to that tiny throat and holding onto her.

They drove out to a cabin that Alex kept out in the desert, no road came out here, she navigated in the moonlight by remembering cactus clusters and criss-crossing underneath power lines. It was quiet out here, the only sound being the engine of Alex’s Harley and the wind. She cut the engine as she rolled up to the cabin. Varla was quiet, exhausted and hurt both physically and mentally, she felt herself being lifted by the neck as one might carry a kitten and brought into the cabin. Alex was strong and Varla realized that there was no chance of overpowering someone that powerful. Sometimes when Billy Wayne got drunk he’d give her a taste of his fist and though it pissed her off she could hide from him but she couldn’t stand up to him, he was too big and strong and fighting back would only anger him more. It’s one of the things that attracted to her to him in the first place and here this woman had cleaned up the floor with him, nearly killed him. In fact she was laughing through the entire fight and had dropped three of those bikers before even starting on Billy Wayne. A sense of resignation fell over her.

Alex gingerly put her down on the bed and almost as though she was talking to herself, said, “You’re mine….”It was dark in the cabin and she could hear more than see as moonlight spilled in through the window, “Shadows”, she thought to herself, “that’s all I am here…” She heard Alex taking off her gloves and jacket and throwing them on something, a chair perhaps. She heard her open a bottle and take a swig, she could see her silhouette in the moonlight. Then Alex’s hands were cupping her face and Alex was kissing her, opening her mouth and she could taste bourbon pouring into her. She was thirsty and tired and gulped down the liquid while her mind tried to figure out what to do next. Alex smoothed Varla’s hair and sniffed it. She handed Varla the bottle and said, “You probably need some more. You took some strong punches tonight.”  Varla took the bottle and drank, thinking to herself, “Might as well drink, while I see where this is going.” She was worried that Alex might have brought her out here to kill her, to bury her in some godforsaken hole next to a cactus in the middle of fucking nowhere. If she went back to the bar no one would ask, they might even have more respect for her power if she came back empty-handed as if to say ‘your trade wasn’t worth my time’.  She shivered at the thought and had another swig. Alex said “I can smell your fear, but don’t worry, I won’t hurt you….well  maybe a tiny bit….” Suddenly Varla had a thought and swung the bottle with all her might and cracked it across Alex’s face. It broke across the side of her head and glass and bourbon flew everywhere. Varla flew to the chair, she’d heard Alex’s keys jingle in her coat pocket and grabbed the jacket and ran out the door. She reached in and pulled out the keys and suddenly was on the bike and recognizing the key she jammed it into the ignition and started the bike. She spun around spewing dirt everywhere and took off out the way they’d come.

Alex was at the door laughing, blood streaming down her face. She took aim with her pistol and shot out the rear tire and Varla went flying over the handlebars into the dust as the bike swerved away. She lay inert on the ground as Alex picked her up by the throat, this time harshly choking Varla. “I like you, even when you’re scared, you’ve got grit. Most people were to pull a stunt like that and I’d be clawing out their windpipe with my fingernails if I was in a good mood. You don’t have any idea what it would be like if I was in a bad mood.” Varla gasping, “C-c-can’t….br-br-breathe….” Alex loosened her grip. and pulled Varla close, “Don’t be starting any shit right now!” and carried her back to the cabin. Inside she held Varla as she had on the bike, arm under her waist and up to her throat, only this time she turned her head back towards her and started kissing her, her other hand snaked down Varla’s jeans and into her panties. She held her tightly this way for some time, her blood trickling down onto Varla’s hair, across her shoulder and down Alex’s cheek and into Varla’s mouth. Varla scared, excited and drunk with alcohol and adrenaline couldn’t help herself and kissed her back, her mind was foggy. Before she knew it they were in the shower with Alex tenderly washing her, touching her and Varla was trying to figure out what to do. It felt good, very good, Alex’s touch was firm and tender, sweet but with a tinge of her nails scraping, or a sudden pull close. She was getting hot and wet and then angry at herself, “Basically I’m being raped!” she reminded herself, you need to kill this woman and get away. Then Alex’s lips were on her breasts. A new bottle of bourbon came from somewhere, Alex fed more of it into Varla’s mouth but she was too dizzy to figure out where, she couldn’t even see straight. The soap hurt the various cuts she’d sustained that evening and her ribs hurt and it seemed as if Alex had eight arms. She was being caressed and cajoled and as fingers were inside her she found conscious thought harder. Alex was lying down in the tub and had pulled Varla to her mouth, and as lips engulfed and tongue licked ever so slightly Varla felt something coming up inside her. “Goddamit!” she thought to herself,  “You do not get to tear me away from Billy Wayne, you do not get to kiss me this way and you do not get to make me….” then she saw the bottle and instinctively grabbed it and swung it again at Alex’s head thinking to herself “To stop that mouth from making me feel something that Billy Wayne never did!” As it came down she screamed “Stop it you fucking whore!” but Alex caught the bottle easily with her right hand and Varla buckled unable to separate her anger from her sexual shivering and her fear and her complete intoxication with the situation. It was too much for her and she crumpled onto Alex’s legs with the water spraying everywhere.

Alex lit a cigarette and put her hands under Varla’s armpits and hauled her out of the tub and shook her like a wet dog, water flying. She grabbed her with one hand holding her aloft and put her cigarette right into Varla’s inner thigh and pushed in, but not too hard, not hard enough to extinguish the ember but hard enough to dig a crater, she could smell flesh burn. Varla moaned loudly coming out of her stupor.  Alex put the cigarette back into her mouth and took a deep drag, restarting the ember, “We’ve tried the easy way, now it’s time to try the hard way” and she put the cigarette right into Varla’s right breast about an inch away from her nipple. Varla screamed.

“Tell me you love me” Alex was asking yet again. “Fuck you” Varla’s breath low. Then the searing pain of another cigarette burn.

“Tell me you love me” Alex again. “I love you” Varla’s breath rasping, edgy. Vaseline went onto the burn. “Tell me you love me”, “I love you” and Vaseline went onto another burn. “Tell me you love me, “Fuck you, bitch”…

The rope had worn little raw edges into her wrists and ankles. At first it was wrists only until she had tried to kick Alex then she got ropes on the ankles and another burn on her thigh. Alex’s kisses became a soothing spot in the midst of all the pain. “I chose you because you fought me at the bar, because you fight me here, because your capacity for violence still fights me but because I chose you I will break you” she whispered while kissing her. Her kisses were so soft that they heightened Varla’s anger but it was shifting, she was losing her grip on this moment and wondering mainly “Why hadn’t Billy Wayne ever kissed me like this?”

Varla screamed louder than ever this time, if there were snakes in the ground they were scurrying across the desert floor away from the cabin. That burn had hurt. Then Alex had ever so lightly slid her tongue over Varla’s pussy, “Your beautiful pussy” Billy Wayne had called it, as Alex’s tongue slid over Varla’s beautiful pussy, the tip of it tapped ever so slightly across the edges of her folds, Varla had felt yearning, and started to move against Alex’s mouth and at that realization she kicked with her knee into Alex’s breast. This time the cigarette stabbed just above the V of her crotch. That scream was the loudest yet.

“Drink”, it was water this time, Alex poured water from her mouth into Varla’s, fast enough that it was still cold and ran a cool washcloth over her sweating forehead. “Tell me you love me”, “Fuck” was all she able to get out and the knife went in and carved another line across the softest part of her breast.

“Oww!” a belt strapped her ass. Varla was facedown. “Tell me you love me” but Varla only sobbed into the pillow. The strap struck again. Her legs were parted and Alex breathed warm air into there and Varla flexed, as Alex started to run her lips over the curved line where her ass slid down into her crotch, her legs parted and flexed upwards. “My body’s no longer obeying me” she thought.

At this point the emotional memory of Billy Wayne was distant, in the mist. That son of bitch had given her up so easily. That fucker had left her to be tortured by this insane woman. Had begged her to take Varla. Perhaps he never loved her. She was unsure if she’d ever loved him. They’d partied and she’d found belonging with him and his crew. She loved to ride, to hold onto him, to feel the wind. It wasn’t all good, he used to make her blow his buddies when he got drunk to show what a hold he had over her. She hadn’t liked that much, but she did it to show she loved him that she would do anything for him. He spouted the biker code of sharing but she noticed none of the others did that with their women. She’d tried to put that out of her mind. He’d begged Alex to take her so fast, as if she was nothing. Right now she felt like nothing, she was nothing, she was nowhere. She wonder if he’d notice when Alex came back to the bar alone after leaving Varla buried out in the desert. Like her he’d probably try to put it out his mind.

Varla fought it but was having a hard time. She was face up now, with Alex’s mouth on hers and fingers inside her, inside her no longer beautiful pussy. The pain faded in the face of being fucked, of being kissed and she was breathing in time with Alex……then Alex climbed on top of her and her hands were fondling Varla’s head while she was kissing her and Alex’s crotch grinding into hers and Varla felt so far away from everything except this moment and then she knew she was going to come. “You fucking traitor, you’re doing this without me” she thought to herself of her body’s betrayal. Using their momentum she thrust up and this tossed Alex off. This time she got a slap across the face and savored the pain, focusing on it. This was followed by a cigarette burn in the side of her neck. It was easy to focus on that. She hadn’t come which felt like a small victory….

“Drink”, more water. Alex ran her hand through Varla’s hair and kissed her forehead. Varla wanted her to stop that, she could focus better on the pain. She felt like she’s learned something. With Billy Wayne she’d hid or taken it but never fought back. Not like now. Now she’d kick his drunken balls in for treating her like that. For punching her because she wasn’t as cute as that cheerleader he dated in high school or because he was drunk or because he was mad at the world.

“Eat” it was something like cornbread or was cornbread. Varla had lost track of time. Was this the same night or another night. Had she slept? It seems like she’d slept, had slept many times. As she accepted the food put in her mouth she noticed the swollen lips. When had that happened? From the slap apparently but when was that?

Varla awoke and it was silent, Alex was breathing next to her, her arm around Varla’s waist. She tried to focus on the arm, the arm that carried the hand that slapped her was not only around her waist but holding her, almost protectively. “How can I know that a sleeping arm across me is protective” she thought. Alex’s hand flexed, squeezing Varla tighter towards Alex’s side.

The bed was shaking. Alex was wearing a black strap-on and fucking Varla and she was so close to coming, Alex was choking her with a look of mad glee on her face. “God she’s beautiful” Varla thought, “those breast, those legs.” Alex was pumping faster seeming oblivious of Varla then “Tell me you love me”…….then they were both coming……

Varla’s eye hurt and seemed swollen. Alex was suckling at her breast and though Varla was still tied, it was very loose and she couldn’t stop her hand from running through Alex’s hair. Alex continued to kiss Varla, down her belly, over her beautiful pussy and down her legs and kissed her feet, sucking her toes into her mouth as if fucking her mouth with Varla’s feet. Then she licked the arch of Varla’s foot and back up her body again, sniffing everything and running her hands all over. Varla was exhilarated.

He’d given up on her so easily, that fucking Billy Wayne. Had put her into a shallow grave. He knew who Alex was, everyone knew. Well, no one knew for sure. But there were those rumors,  the ones that said that she was a killer for hire, a biker queen who ran with some really scary Occult Black Magic dudes. Varla knew it was scary shit because people barely talked it about it, certainly not when Alex was there at the bars but barely even when she was not there. Occasionally some new guy or someone passing through town gave Alex some shit or tried to hit on her. She generally seemed amused about all this right up to the point where they crossed the line and then she still seemed amused as that someone was being held upside down with their teeth scattered across the bar. Or so Varla had heard. She’d never seen anything herself until the night her old man, her husband, had traded his old lady, his wife and her beautiful pussy to someone that scared the shit out of everyone in the bars in town and had been rumored to leave dead people out in the desert. “If he hadn’t been so drunk” she thought, she had tried to stop the pool game, but Billy Wayne thought of himself as The Hustler, as did most of the bikers at the bar. Usually they were too plastered at the end of the night to remember who won what and the fights and money were usually exchanged as a matter of course. So he kept drinking and kept playing. Until all he had was his Harley.

“Tell me you love me”. It was welling up inside of Varla. No one had ever spent this much time and attention on her. She thought she should just say it but there was something nagging at her. “No” was all she said. There was a stove on somewhere, the cornbread she’d been eating over the days was warm but she didn’t see it until the brand was searing her flesh. It surprised her, she almost didn’t scream, this powerful and painful a punishment seemed too much for that answer. When the clouds left her mind she realized that she had been screaming. She could hardly breath the pain was so intense. Alex didn’t look amused now. She looked haggard and sad. Varla wondered why just now she was registering Alex’s emotions. She’s been here this whole time, why am I just now seeing her? She realized that Alex was applying some ice or salve or both and the pain was going down. “You’re mine now” was all she said.

They were fucking again, Alex on top of Varla with the strap-on, apparently some sort of symbol of domination….Alex’s breath was in some sort of rhythm, almost like music and Varla fell into this rhythm and she opened her eyes and everything was clearer than it had been and Alex’s eyes stared into her own and though Alex had been doing this consistently it was like this time Varla was looking back. She could feel it happening again, the slide down into sexual pleasure and away from the aches and pains of her body, her battered, beaten and tortured body. Alex leaned towards her and kissed her. Varla no longer denied to herself how much she was getting from these kisses. She kissed Alex back and with this gesture, tongue across tongue, mouth into mouth she could feel she was losing herself into Alex. This part was happening, again and as before but now she wanted it to happen. “Tell me you love me” this time Alex’s eyes were closed and her voice was pleading. Varla wanted to, wanted to do this for Alex now this time but her orgasm came on and she just moaned…….later she woke up enough to realize they were both asleep….

Varla woke up and Alex was caressing her face and her hair and she was crying and her tears were dripping onto Varla’s face and neck and breasts. “I love you” Alex said to Varla, “I love you and you are mine.” Varla replied “I love you and I am yours.”

Over the coming weeks Varla’s  wounds healed, the baroque letter “A” that Alex had branded over Varla’s heart on her left breast healed last. The bruises faded but there were scars, lots of scars though she’d already had a few.  Alex explained, “I had to cut out or burn out everything that you had been but knew this would retain the core of who you really were.” Varla understood some of this, though wondering if this could have turned out differently. Could she have ended up a grave in the desert? She hinted to Alex such a thing and Alex said, “I felt it when you hit me in the bar. You threw everything you had into defending that jackass that you were with. Even after I threw you across the bar you came right back at me with no hesitation until I smashed you into near unconsciousness. For an utter loser. And I call him that because he betrayed you so quickly, he quit fighting but you didn’t. When he gave you up I looked at you and could read it on your face, that you were totally destroyed and yet so fucking angry at the same time. At that moment I think I fell in love with you. Though I have no idea why because that’s not something that I believe in, I consider it a sign of weakness. But if I hadn’t felt that I would have taken that bastards Harley and rammed it into a wall. In the past I might have taken you for sport but not likely left you in a grave, not unless someone paid me to. When I was younger I went through a period of my life where I hardened myself through all the things the gutter provides and found I could go lower, much, much lower. But I was found by someone and something that hones me differently and now I lead a different life.” Varla asked, “And I’m to come with you into this different life?” Alex put her hand in Varla’s hair, “Well you were given to me as property and the bikers code is binding. If I felt something, thought something that specific I felt I must follow it and bind you to me. I was pretty sure that it was going to be hard with you. Though I didn’t realize until the end that it was happening for me too.” Varla felt scared but at the same time thought that this was the first time she felt like she was glowing and she leaned into Alex’s touch.

Alex taught her things, certain occult ways and trained her in various martial arts and with weapons.  The world Varla entered into with her was still a world of darkness, as that is the world that exists but it was as Alex put it, “To be masters of that world. There is a price of course, there always is, there is always someone who needs something you have to provide. Nothing is free.” They were together though, night after night and with Alex Varla felt things she’d never felt before, did things she’d never done before. But mostly she connected to another person and though she thought she’d loved before it didn’t touch the intimacy she had with Alex though sex with her had an edge and there times when it touched on a sort of battle for domination. If Alex choked Varla she learned to slap Alex’s breasts to get her to let go or some other force to push things along. It took Varla some time to adjust to the differing dynamics of a life with Alex where complete tenderness and loving openness could shift mercurially with a small amount of violence. Love was never in doubt though and she came to ache at the sight of Alex and knew that she inspired the same. While their life together at this time was blissful she knew that there were things that were being kept from her. Who Alex worked for was an unanswered question along the lines of “in time all will be revealed”. Alex told her that her training needed to be finished.

Before Alex could reveal everything to Varla she asked her if she felt there was some unfinished business to attend to. Varla realized “Billy Wayne.” Alex said, “I have my Harley but you’re going to need one of your own. I suggest you get one.”

They rode into town, Varla on the back of Alex’s bike. They headed into Double Deuce to see if they could find Billy Wayne. Alex had warned Varla that she was on her own with this one. Varla understood that this was a test and that she’d better make good. She wondered if she got in trouble if Alex would let her fall but she shrugged the thought off. “Of course she will because what good would I be if I couldn’t handle a loser hick like Billy Wayne.” As soon as she thought his name anger flared up and suddenly she was back wondering how that asshole could hand her off to someone who nearly tortured her to death. Though as soon as she thought of the love she’d found at the end of that painful journey she softened and got butterflies in her stomach. “I’m gonna kill that son of bitch!” she thought to herself. She desperately wanted this life with Alex. Her husband  had often bragged to his friends about what a little spit-fire she was but “easily handled”. Not any longer, now that she’d been trained, disciplined to focus her anger. She felt a touch on her shoulder, it was Alex “Shit, she moves like the breeze…” she thought to herself.  Alex whispered to her to look in the back where the pool tables were and her hand gently slid down her face. They walked to the back and there he was, with some of the guys in his gang and some new girl hanging around. Alex and Varla sidled up to the back bar and Alex ordered them some whisky and put her arm around Varla pulling her close, “You’re mine” she whispered.

It wasn’t long before some of the gang started whispering to each other. None of them can remember Alex ever being in here with someone. She was friendly to some of the guys, the bar staff and close to the owner but she was always alone. When Alex had taken Varla away they weren’t sure what was going to happen to her but they sure as shit didn’t expect to see her sitting here with Alex’s arm around her.  Most figured either the stories about Alex were true and that Varla would never be heard from again or Alex would use her for a while and Varla would turn up in one of the bars on the arm of some other dude. Though they  would never admit it, a few of the guys had kept an eye out for her over the intervening weeks just in case that happened, she was tough, loyal, cute and low maintenance. They interrupted Billy Wayne and pointed her out. He wasn’t sure what to do, this brought back an embarrassment that he thought was past. The guys had kidded him about it for a week or two go but that had all died down and he was still ashamed and pissed that he’d let Varla go. Less for emotional attachment than how it made him look to the other guys. He’d talked up how he’d gotten a good deal to get rid of her, that he only loved his bike and how he was happy to get his freedom from that clingy bitch. Before too long he hooked up with another chick and he thought she was better than Varla, she was cuter and younger. She hung on his every word in a way that Varla never did. He’d avoided the Double Deuce for several weeks, there were plenty of bars in this shithole town. But in the way that animals mark their territory, his gang mostly hung here so after some time he started coming back around.

“Go” Alex said to Varla and she downed her drink and walked over to the table where Billy Wayne was playing. He looked up, “You shouldn’t be comin’ ‘round here Varla, we’s quits and you know it.” Varla leaned against the table, “Oh, we’re quits all right. But I figure I got some alimony comin’ to me, after all we’re still married and I’m guessin’ you’re gonna be wantin’ a divorce.” The words dripped acid out of her mouth. Billy Wayne stood back, he’d never heard Varla talk this way, sure she got pissed but this sounded meaner than that. “I filed paperwork for desertion after you left and we’s already deevorced you stupid cooze. Now scram!” He blustered to make it clear that he didn’t want her so his new girl wouldn’t be thinking there were complications. “Billy, this is your ex? She sure is a scrawny, thing, you must have been doing charity work. Good thing you’ve moved on to a full grown woman. My name’s Crystal you skank and Billy’s mine.” She pressed herself against him and glared at Varla who spit back, “I think you owe me, we had cash we shared together and I had things that I bet you pawned.” Varla could feel the anger rising in her. Billy Wayne was pissed, “Now bitch you better get goin’ cuz you gonna get my fist and I know you never liked that!” He whispered to Crystal, “Who does this skank think she is?” He looked over at Alex, that worried him, he didn’t want any part of her again. Alex said, “Don’t look at me, I’m just here for moral support, this is between you and your wi- err I mean ex-wife. We’re square on our last transaction though I definitely know I got the better end of that deal. But I’m gonna be just sittin’ here with my drink enjoying the show.” All the gang members around the table visibly breathed out, they were worried what to do if Alex got involved in this, no one wanted a fight with her. Daryn the bartender spoke to Alex, “See how they relaxed? They don’t want any truck with you. Big Jim had a broken collar bone and bruised windpipe from getting in the way  of that first fight and still breathes and talked funny. Hell all those guys ended up in the ER and it’s only been the last week or two that Billy Wayne ain’t been limping. Cracks me up. Those guys are fucking knuckleheads.”  Alex laughed. “That they are!” They razzed Billy Wayne, “C’mon, throw her a bone, after all you did fuck her over…” “Yeah, pay your palimony Big Bill!” Billy Wayne felt relieved now that Alex wasn’t on his mind and walked over to Varla, “Baby, I do got something for ya” and he spat right into her face and back-handed her with his right and then followed by swinging his pool cue with his left and it cracked right across her the side of her face. Varla was caught off guard, she had expected him to bully her some first and thought “Dumb, dumb, dumb”. She rolled over the pool table to move away from him before he hit her again. As she rolled she grabbed a pool ball and as she came over the other side of the table threw the ball as hard as she could right into Billy Wayne’s right eye. He dropped to the floor and his cue stick clattered with him. Varla was bleeding from where the cue hit her head but she seemed not to notice and she came around the table. She saw that bimbo Crystal out of the corner of her eye and dodged the beer bottle she threw as it passed by her face. She put her left hand on the table and swung her legs toward Crystal as she charged striking her in the chest and knocking her back. She’d wanted to bring a weapon but Alex had said no, this had to be whatever was at hand only. She landed over Billy Wayne who was rising up and she scissored his head between her legs and popped his ears. He screamed and Varla jumped off and as he staggered backwards he fell over Crystal who had gotten up and was moving forward. They went down in a heap together. Alex and Daryn were laughing, the scene was comical. A couple of the gang started to move towards the scene but Alex wagged her finger at them and they stood back. The Double Deuce had fights every night so Daryn wasn’t concerned. He poured Alex another drink.

Varla grabbed Billy Wayne’s jacket and pulled out the keys to his Harley. “I think this ought to get us even for what you did to me.” Billy Wayne lunged at her and grabbed her throat with both hands, he was enraged now and they fell over the side of the table. Varla had been caught off-guard and was trying to press up between his arms to break his hold but he was too strong. “I’m gonna kill you, you fucking bitch, rip the last breath of life out of your filthy whoring ass!” Varla saw her opening and kicked at his balls, and though she didn’t have the right angle to make contact Billy Wayne’s protective instinct took over and he loosened his grip. Varla broke both hands free and got in a short jab to his nose. “Ahhh you fucking bitch!!!!” he staggered back into Crystal who steadied him and handed him a broken beer bottle. Varla turned slightly away to jump up and when her head turned back Billy Wayne jabbed it into her face and carved a slash up her cheek across her eye and up and over her head. Blood spurted down her face. Varla slapped his hand and the bottle went flying. She could still see out of her eye and the momentary fear that he’d cut it went away.  She jabbed his throat and punched one into his stomach and he staggered back. Crystal launched a round swing with a pool cue over his falling body and Varla grabbed the cue as it swung past and pulled it back into her hands. She swung with all her might and it cracked Crystal across the face and she dropped to the ground. Blood pumped out of her temple and she mumbled and went silent.

The gang members jumped towards Varla, this was getting out of hand and they needed to stop it. The first one to touch Varla was flipped in an arc onto a pool table cracking the slate and bounced off the table onto the ground and was silent. The second one had his shoulder dislocated as Alex pulled his arm then delivered a punch that shattered his jaw and sent bone fragments into his windpipe, and blood spattered out of his mouth. The other two members stood back. “I told you, this is between them” Alex hissed in a low voice. The inherent violence in her words and the lightning speed at which she had dispatched the first two made the other two stand back. The hand of one sneaked into his jacket where he had his gun but before it got there a pool cue cracked his elbow and he screamed and fell to the ground grabbing his useless arm and his buddy said, “Fuck this!” and fled the scene. The bar patrons had moved back out of the pool area. Though fights here were common this one was getting out of hand.

While this was going on Varla and Billy Wayne traded punches. Billy Wayne was freaking out and screaming, he could tell Crystal was seriously hurt and he was having a hard time getting a shot in at Varla. “What the fuck happened to her?” She used to hide in a cabinet when he’d get drunk and slap her around. He always told her he was playing and she’d come out and he’d crack her one across the jaw for disobeying him. He was confused and surprised not so much by her anger because she’d always had a temper but for the violence of her fighting skills. She hissed at him, “Give me the keys to the Harley and I walk away and we’re even. Take your girlfriend to the hospital before she bleeds out. If you don’t give me those keys you’re going to bleed out with her!” “You fucking goddam bitch, I’m going to kill you, you’re never getting my Harley!” Just as he finished that Varla kicked his right ankle out from under him and he fell jaw first and caught the edge of the pool table and this time her punch to his nose broke it square and blood spattered. He fell to his knees and gargled “I’m gonna kill you, you fucking…” but he was interrupted as Varla encircled his neck with the crook of left arm and with the right spun his head and his neck audibly cracked and he hit the ground and was silent. Varla stood up, covered with blood and Alex was right there, putting a salve on her would to stop the bleeding and kissing her open mouth and whispering , “I’m so proud of you.” Varla turned and grabbed the keys from the Billy Wayne’s jacket. She was dizzy and staggering but Alex had her. Flashing red lights were everywhere and a dozen cops came storming in. The bartender pointed towards the back and said there’d been a gang rumble in the back over some guys ex-wife and they’d duked it out. Alex said, “My friend’s hurt and needs medical attention. The cops turned to the bartender who waved her through and the cops let her pass. Varla was fading as the adrenaline wore off. She heard a cop radioing in, “We got three male DOA’s, one female DOA and one male injured in a gang altercation.” Sounds like Crystal didn’t make it and in a way Varla felt bad. Crystal had done the same thing that Varla had done, try to protect her man, but circumstances don’t turn out the same for different people.

The next day she woke up in a hotel room. Alex was over her, changing the dressing over her eye. “Is my eye okay? she asked. “It’s fine, the lid got scraped but not deeply. Your cheek and forehead are gonna scar up though, I had to put stitches in to staunch the bleeding. “ Varla sighed, “Another day, another scar.” “Fucking A right.” Alex retorted. Varla thought, “How is it possible that the same woman that is showering me with tenderness right now is the same woman that came out of nowhere and killed two gang members in two seconds? “ She had been keeping track of where people were, Alex had taught her that much but less so once she thought they were staying out of it. She’d sensed them coming but her focus was on Billy Wayne and she’d felt the one touch her then he was gone and she felt more than saw that Alex was there. Alex, who would have let Billy Wayne gouge her eye out with that broken bottle killed two men in two seconds when they interfered. They broke the rules. Alex said there were always rules and even when a situation seemed chaotic if you could understand the rules, be flexible enough to adopt new rules then you could master any situation. Alex said, “Drink, and take this.” She kissed water into Varla’s mouth and a painkiller, “Probably an oxy” thought Varla, “since it was so small” and she swallowed. She thought to herself, “I killed two people, including my husband, I can’t believe I don’t feel anything. Perhaps tomorrow…..” A few minutes later Alex spoke as Varla faded into the haze, “When you heal, I’ll take you to meet the Knights Templar.”




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