Varla’s Wounds

Here’s the map of how love hurts. Alex took her sweet time making Varla hers:

23 cigarette burns

two knife cuts (one near her breast and one in her side)

one brand of a scarlet A on her right breast

one permanent black eye

rope burns on her hands and wrists from spending too many days tied up

are all the physical proof. Varla had two tattoos:

one snake wrapped around her right arm

one skull on her left bicep

The Knights Templar tattooed the same red cross on Varla’s chest that is on Alex’s.

The bullet wound Varla doesn’t talk about it but it was there previously. Somebody shot her in the leg to take her down.

During her fight with Billy Wayne she received a cut from a broken beer bottle down her forehead, across her eye and onto her cheek. Alex stitched it up later. Like Alex Varla wears black mascara and she favors maroon lipstick. It had been Billy Wayne’s favorite and now it was Alex’s.


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