New Photoshoot Peak’s Woods Arrival

My new gals arrived and here’s a little behind the scenes vignette from a photo-shoot I was doing with all my PW gals. Sure the photographs are all swirly and glamorous (see Sander Doll ) but back stage is a little more relaxed:


Gavrila: Yet another test shot?
Me: Just two minutes for a Polaroid to test exposure….
Gavrila: So basically you’re chimping?
Me: No, well, it’s proofing…It’s…well, shut up and sit still.


Claudine: While we’re waiting would be be a dear and rub my feet? All that standing was making me tired….
Me: Sure thing Claudine!


Gavrila: That wasn’t so bad. Is one of these coffins mine? What happened to that crate with my Romanian soil?
Me: That’s….coming….soon…..


Me: Annalisa, that’s great! What no smile?
Annalisa: Dicis mihi etiam hac vice et viscera cernit! (You say that one more time and I’ll feast on your entrails!)
Me: Ummm, no idea what you’re saying but I’ll assume we’re going for moody here….


Cassandra: Since you spend a lot of time around Gilles, what’s he really like? Is he as evil as they say?
Annalisa: Aut malum non sit conceptus tuos Egidii aut mihi. (Your concept of evil has no meaning to either Gilles or myself).
Cassandra: Apologies, it slipped my mind that you speak no English. I’ll take your answer to mean, “yes”.


Claudine: God, it was only a foot rub!
Gavrila: Hey, Dollhausen, keep your hands to yourself. This is a photo-shoot remember? Not a porno movie!
Me: But she….but I didn’t…..
Claudine: Why do you have to be so jealous!? I hate it when you’re like this…..

Well, perhaps relaxed isn’t the right word…..but, you get the picture….

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