If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now

So I’ve been detailing the build of my dolly crypt on my tumblr blog I store my girls in boxes and it’s getting closer to finished. I’d been making coffins but those are space hogs and hard to store. I do have dolls living in coffins but if a coffin is like a house then the crypt was like a condo. I had to make some tough choices about who gets to live there and especially, who gets to live on the top floor. The first cut was that I decided that Alex wasn’t going to move in. I prefer her in my room with me and her crew of murderous Minifees will eventually live on the bookshelf in my room. Also Alex and her crew don’t live in the same time period that all my other dolls live in. So they have a separate story.


There are other two other Minifees who eventually will be coming home from their trip to enlightenment and customization and there will be two more after that. So Alex’s droogies will be together in my room since they live in modern times. Unlike the rest of my dolls that live in the castle of Gilles Des Rais in medieval France. The crypt itself was expansion because all the coffins were full. So the first three rows were taken by Belladonna (Notdoll Belladonna), Helene (Peaks Woods Rosemii) and Claudine (Peaks Woods Kisha). Here’s a little internal peek inside:


For the foot fetishist. And here’s the plates I made from recent photo sessions cutting out little Polaroids. I need to find three more of those plates…..


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