Varla’s Wounds

Here’s the map of how love hurts. Alex took her sweet time making Varla hers:

23 cigarette burns

two knife cuts (one near her breast and one in her side)

one brand of a scarlet A on her right breast

one permanent black eye

rope burns on her hands and wrists from spending too many days tied up

are all the physical proof. Varla had two tattoos:

one snake wrapped around her right arm

one skull on her left bicep

The Knights Templar tattooed the same red cross on Varla’s chest that is on Alex’s.

The bullet wound Varla doesn’t talk about it but it was there previously. Somebody shot her in the leg to take her down.

During her fight with Billy Wayne she received a cut from a broken beer bottle down her forehead, across her eye and onto her cheek. Alex stitched it up later. Like Alex Varla wears black mascara and she favors maroon lipstick. It had been Billy Wayne’s favorite and now it was Alex’s.


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Of Women and Bondage

Got my harness today from SyntheticEphemera and Alex has been looking forward to this (well okay, me too). It’s an early Valentine’s Day present. It’s cool though fussy to get on. I could have used an Ikea diagram. Hmmmm…..I like that idea….Ikea new’s BDSM dungeon annex….anyway. Here she is.

God I love Alex so much…..


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Hangin’ out watchin’ movies

I had to watch Shoah, The Sorrow and the Pity and Night and Fog for my film class this week (The 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day) so I signed up for SundanceNow Doc Club and Alex and I sat together and spent the night watching movies.


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The Love Story of Alex and Varla

Varla  is my Minifee Mirwen, yet to be painted. She is Alex’s lover (yes breaking DoA protocol with SD’s and MSD’s having intimate relations.) I want Varla to be dark. She’s got scars as you’re about to read. Lots of ’em and and she’s been branded, like cattle. She’s got a permanent black eye. She wears black mascara and a deep maroon, not bright lipstick. This is the story of how she and Alex met and came to be.

The Love Story of Alex and Varla

Varla was in a biker gang and married to Billy Wayne when they ran into Alex in a bar called the Double Deuce. Alex was a loner, though a fixture around the town. A beautiful but scary looking woman, rumors swirled around her but no one was sure who she was, though some theorized she did clean up work for guys they never heard of. She was one of the few in this town tough enough to live without a gang and it’s said that even the Cartel guys left her alone or perhaps hired her. That in itself gave her mystique. Alex was playing pool in the back of the crowded bar with a couple of guys from Billy Wayne’s gang when Varla and Billy Wayne came in that night. Pretty soon he gets in on the game and at first it’s for the table, or a beer but he decides to up the ante. He whispers to Varla, “That Alex always seems to have money, I  can smell it, and she isn’t playing that good. “I don’t know Billy, perhaps just play for beers,”  Varla is worried because she knows that Billy Wayne isn’t that good either. He gets Alex to lay down fifty bucks, then a hundred and soon he’s running the table and the stakes are getting higher. He’s taking Alex’s cash and Varla is impressed, he is doing well. When the betting gets up over a thousand dollars suddenly things aren’t going his way and now Alex is running the table, game after game. As she gathers up the last of his cash, Billy Wayne slams another Jim Beam and calls her out, “Hey bitch, you hustlin’ me? You don’t get to walk away. You gotta give me a chance to win my fucking money back!” Varla tries to coax him away, “Honey, it’s just a few dollars, let it go.” She knows enough to not want to start any shit. Alex glances over, with a bemused expression on her face, “Well, you were looking tapped out partner, what else you got on you that might interest me?”  “I got my Harley, I’ll put that up against all the cash you got on you, one game, 9 ball and I break.” She laughs and agrees.

Billy Wayne breaks the balls and starts sinking them one after another,  in order even, to show off. Six go down easily. Then the 7 ball catches the lip of the pocket and spins out. Alex chalks up her cue and bounces the 7 across the table where it strikes the 8 which sinks in the corner pocket while the 7 caroms into the opposite corner pocket. Nothing left but the 9 and with a little back spin she pockets it easily and the cue ball spins back into the center of the table. Billy Wayne turns red and spits out “You cheated you bitch, I ain’t payin’ no fucking way.” He walks away through the crowd of his gang. They’re laughing that he lost but are covering his retreat. “Tough break Billy but we got yer back…” a couple of them chime in.

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Alexis: The Transformation

Alex is the leader of the Knights Templar Hit Squad. She’s led a hard life and her body is the map of this. When she was in her teens she used a lot of drugs and has the track marks to show for it. She often cut herself. She became a killer for hire. She tattooed Fuck to show her belief in the lie of romance, her belief that human relations are weighed in use value and actions were currency aligned with other agendas.

After some years she was found by the Knights Templar and they indoctrinated her into a different life style. Their cross was tattooed over her heart and their Masonic Eagle into her back. Since the original order was betrayed by the Church and French Royalty and hunted out of existence, the new hidden Order was more existential and in the service of the power of chaos. Thou do what thou wilt is the whole of the law. Alex put together her own group, the Murderous Minifee Hit Squad, a band of droogies in the service of ultra-violence. In a world of cutesy Minifee clones they’ve became the anti-Fairys, a null value to the conformist ways of their kind. Their heritage also allows them access, most Minifees are vapid brain dead templates for patriarchal oppression and as a result they’re seen everywhere. No one suspects a Minifee to deliver a crow bar to the noggin, hard boots kicking as spirit flees flesh. Alex lines up the jobs and her crew executes the work. Executes with extreme prejudice.


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Francois gets The Occult Treatment

My Soom Rosette Fir  – Francois hasn’t really been gelling as a character. I’ve also sold my IpleLisa Vampire girl which means that Gilles has lost a minion and Nibelung his little murderous gal pal. So I’ve decided to have Gilles transform Francois similar to Nibelung and have him reclaim a lost minion basically by kidnapping and transforming one of the exiles in his castle. I’ve decided on a symbology for her, on her back the Golden Dawn symbol:



On her stomach with the point of the star nearly touching her vaginal slit:


and the classic skull and crossbones on her chest between her breasts



She’ll be getting black finger and toenails, and the same purple/black body blushing as Nibelung. The only difference being that I’m going to have a little pink/red blush on her girl parts. I want her to be sexier than your average Rosette and to confirm her evil status as Gilles minion. I also have some plans for some sexual dynamics to emerge to incite things around the household.

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Dollshe love….

I have so little self-control……I tried to stay away from male dolls but those Dollshe cats are so hot!

Orijean is not my lover, he’s just a girl who says that I am the one….



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