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Happy New Year!

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If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now

So I’ve been detailing the build of my dolly crypt on my tumblr blog I store my girls in boxes and it’s getting closer to finished. I’d been making coffins but those are space hogs and hard to store. I … Continue reading

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The Crypt

Alex: So how does this thing work? Alex: Suddenly I see why you call that tumblr blog “I store my girls in boxes“! Alex: You’re a kinky man Dollhausen! I like it! Alex: Umm….hey DH! Do you hear me? Are … Continue reading

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Printing the Gals

My enlarger, easel, processor and a recent print…..  

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New Photoshoot Peak’s Woods Arrival

My new gals arrived and here’s a little behind the scenes vignette from a photo-shoot I was doing with all my PW gals. Sure the photographs are all swirly and glamorous (see Sander Doll ) but back stage is a little more relaxed: … Continue reading

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Varla’s Wounds

Here’s the map of how love hurts. Alex took her sweet time making Varla hers: 23 cigarette burns two knife cuts (one near her breast and one in her side) one brand of a scarlet A on her right breast … Continue reading

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Of Women and Bondage

Got my harness today from SyntheticEphemera and Alex has been looking forward to this (well okay, me too). It’s an early Valentine’s Day present. It’s cool though fussy to get on. I could have used an Ikea diagram. Hmmmm…..I like that … Continue reading

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