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Gilles Arrives!

Here’s a quick take of my Gilles De Rais, Doll Chateau Dolores. The pensive existential face of a man who’s a stranger in this world and will raise hell if necessary to disrupt it. Advertisements

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Don’t Fear the Reaper

Nibelung, riding a skull dreaming of the day his master, Gilles De Rais, comes. He knows that someday soon the curtains will flew and then he‘ll appear. When that happens he knows that his appetite for destruction will find it’s … Continue reading

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I’ve been experimenting with this old Petval lens I have from 1890 or thereabouts. It’s only got a tiny point of sharpness in the middle and swirls around with the right background. So here’s a photo of my Evangeline, my … Continue reading

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Nibelung – The Beginning

I was experimenting with possible fabrics for a new coffin for Gilles De Rais, the main character in my story. I made a little box as a test to see what the fabric would look like as an external cover. … Continue reading

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Resin Comparison

I wanted to see a side by side of my dolls delicate skin. The first shots were nude so I decided upon a more “tasteful” approach. From left to right, Doll Chateau, Soom Rosette, Iplehouse, Dream of Doll. Because of … Continue reading

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My Little Nibelung!

Revilis took my post below and turned Doll Chateau Ada into the devilish Nibelung that I desired.

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Nibelungen and the Occult

I’ve been thinking about how I want Ada to look. She’s a Nibelung, a race of dwarfs who guard a huge hoard of gold. There’s various Germanic and Norse tales around the hoard of the Nibelungen. I borrow freely from … Continue reading

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