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Happy New Year!


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The Crypt

Alex: So how does this thing work? Alex: Suddenly I see why you call that tumblr blog “I store my girls in boxes“! Alex: You’re a kinky man Dollhausen! I like it! Alex: Umm….hey DH! Do you hear me? Are … Continue reading

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Of Women and Bondage

Got my harness today from SyntheticEphemera and Alex has been looking forward to this (well okay, me too). It’s an early Valentine’s Day present. It’s cool though fussy to get on. I could have used an Ikea diagram. Hmmmm…..I like that … Continue reading

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Hangin’ out watchin’ movies

I had to watch Shoah, The Sorrow and the Pity and Night and Fog for my film class this week (The 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day) so I signed up for SundanceNow Doc Club and Alex and I sat … Continue reading

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Alexis: The Transformation

Alex is the leader of the Knights Templar Hit Squad. She’s led a hard life and her body is the map of this. When she was in her teens she used a lot of drugs and has the track marks to show for … Continue reading

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Black Diamond….

My Dollshe Ausley arrived. I took a few shots before sending her out to be recreated, to be born into the role she’ll be playing. I’m developing a league, the members will be murderous Minifee’s and Ausley will be their … Continue reading

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