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If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now

So I’ve been detailing the build of my dolly crypt on my tumblr blog I store my girls in boxes and it’s getting closer to finished. I’d been making coffins but those are space hogs and hard to store. I … Continue reading

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Printing the Gals

My enlarger, easel, processor and a recent print…..  

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New Photoshoot Peak’s Woods Arrival

My new gals arrived and here’s a little behind the scenes vignette from a photo-shoot I was doing with all my PW gals. Sure the photographs are all swirly and glamorous (see Sander Doll ) but back stage is a little more relaxed: … Continue reading

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Annalise Rises! Peak’s Woods Tristan!

Finally finished my photo-story. Large cast for a box opening of my Latin speaking Peak’s Woods Tristan. Funny how sometimes things don’t take shape until you get them out of the box…..post on DoA: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php/664956-Tales-of-Nibelung-10-Annalise-Rises!-PW-Tristan!-Cast-of-thousands!

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Coming Soon to a Box Opening Near You!

Annalise Rises!

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Sander Doll

More from last year. I’m gearing up to restart this series inspired by August Sander’s portraits of the German people of yesteryear. Using photographic technology of the 1800’s.

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Just Hangin’ Around

Celine and Cassandra listening to The Stranglers and letting the night flow by….

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